Much in the world of wild beers has changed in the last decade. In 2011, we happened upon 165 lbs. of fresh olallieberries and created our first ever fruited sour beer - SLOambic Wild Ale. Since then, we’ve watched a new generation of makers with similar beer-making values spotlight high-quality fruits in exceptionally balanced beers. With Parallel Whispers, we collaborated with a locally grown bunch of wild saccharophiles in the Salinas Valley who go by the name Yeast of Eden, the sister brewery of Monterey’s own Alvarado Street Brewery. They too have caught the olallieberry bug and have been producing their own renditions of beers with this wonderful fruit for years. We purchased ultra-fresh olallieberries from Gizditch Ranch in Watsonville, CA in an effort to conjure the original spirit of SLOambic. We combined this fruit with a spontaneously fermented beer from Yeast of Eden and our own house culture of yeasts. The resulting creation beams with berry flavor and aroma and radiates the farm-quality freshness to be expected from this bountiful corner of the world.

ABV: 6.5%


No. of Cases: 84
Bottling Date: 4/1/21
Maturation Time: 24 months
Titratable Acidity: 12 g/L
Micro Flora: BWX House Culture and Yeast of Eden Spontaneous Cultures
Style: Mixed Fermentation Wild Ale with Ollalieberries
Glassware: Brewmaster's Highball GlassBrewmaster's Teku TasterBrewmaster's Harmony GlassBrewmaster's Collective SnifterFirestone Walker Heritage Teku

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