Introducing Big Mood—a new wild child conceived by Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks in collaboration with Sante Adairius Rustic Ales, co-fermented with Blenheim apricots from B&R Farms in Hollister and Santa Ynez Valley white wine grapes. Big Mood represents an effort to combine and celebrate two mutual specialties—the wine-beer hybrids of Barrelworks; and the apricot-infused expertise of Sante Adairius, which is most notably evident in their popular West Ashley barrel-aged saison. The result is Big Mood, a beer that blazes its own trail with luscious stone fruit flavors and elegant vinous maturity.

“The wine hybrid side of this beer is really dry and refined in flavor, then you add that real fleshy, juicy, ripe part of the apricot and you get this amazing balance,” Jim says. “It’s reminiscent of an apricot mimosa—it’s one of the most delicious and flamboyant beers we’ve ever made.”

ABV: 8.1%


No. Cases: 519
Bottle Date: 2/28/20
Maturation Time: 18-36 months
Titratable Acidity: 10.1 g/L
Micro Flora: B. lambicus, B. bruxellensis, L. brevis, L. delbrueckii
Style: Wild Ale Fermented with White Wine Grapes and Apricots

Glassware: Taster/Teku

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